Inspired by long days and hot nights our Summertime Limoncello is here to hit the sweet spot. Using only the freshest local lemons, this preservative free delightful aperitif is the perfect companion no matter the weather.

25% ABV

700mL Summertime Limoncello

Italy's most famous liqueur

the history of limoncello

We may never know it's exact origins. It's rumoured in at the beginning of the 20th century on Capri, a local lady Maria Antonia Farace tended a garden of lemons and oranges. After WWII her grandson opened a restaurant nearby, whose speciality was lemon liqueur. His son Massimo Canale, started an artisanal production of limoncello, and registered its mark in 1988.

Others claim that limoncello goes back in time even further. One story tells of local fishermen and farmers who, as early as the Middle Ages, used to drink a shot of limoncello in the early morning to warm up. Others say that the recipe originated inside a monastic convent to delight the monks in between a prayer and the next.

our limoncello

how is it made?

The skin of the lemon is the most important part to make a batch of delicious Limoncello. This tasty liqueur is made by steeping lemon zest (peels) in highly concentrated ethanol or vodka until oil is released, then mixing the resulting yellow liquid with simple syrup. Our Limoncello is lower in sugar than the regular kind - but still packed with flavour.

simple yet flavourful



30ml Summertime Limoncello

30ml Portside Gin

30ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice

Soda water


Shake the limoncello, gin & lemon juice for 15 seconds.

Strain over ice in a tall glass.

Top with soda water (about 100ml).

Garnish with lemon slice.

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