Established in 1883 in Newcastle on Australia's East Coast, the Earp family company has grown and adapted to the needs of many generations of Australians. Now open in the beautiful port-side suburb of Carrington, Earp Distilling Co. offers quality, creativity and sustainability to connoisseurs, the spirit curious and everyone in between. 

When our founders Michael and Richard first decided to open a distillery, we realised that much of the distilling world was still cloaked in mystery. Our vision is to demystify spirits and distilling to experiment, learn and craft better Australian spirits with you, our fellow spirit lovers.

We harness leading new distillation technology and take a holistic approach to ensure we craft exceptional spirits with as minimal an environmental footprint as possible.

Zeus is our production still, a 5000 litre stainless steel iStill designed and assembled in the Netherlands. Completely revolutionising the distilling industry, Zeus is up to 90% more energy efficient than traditional copper stills, prevents agitation of shearing for a more stable distillation with more control of flavour components and uses direct heating to take control of the Mailard effect - resulting in up to 25% more flavour.

Our lab is home to eight iStill Mini's (6 litres each) allowing us to develop our flavour profiles and recipes before scaling up to Zeus with complete accuracy.

We utilise town water for all distillery operations using UV, reverse osmosis and carbon filtering to ensure the purist H20 is used in the production of our spirits untainted by chemicals introduced upstream. The remaining water from the filtration process is used in-house for cleaning and cooling. 

We recycle the water used in our production process and where this isn't possible, the waste water is used to water our gardens. All solid waste left over from a spirit run is donated to farmers in the Hunter Valley to feed their animals.

Our vision is to be one of the most ecologically sustainable distilleries in Australia.