Barrel Aged Portside Gin


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56.1% ABV - 500ml Signature Ceramic bottle

Underpinned by our incredibly flavoursome navy strength Portside gin, our Barrel Aged Portside has marked time with persistent purpose, with subtle barrel flavours of oak enhancing the overall experience. The colour is exquisite, surfacing only to be watched, nurtured and of course tasted in preparation to give you something truly special and unique. An elegant drink fir for the Captain's quarters, with whisps of oak, vanilla, sweet lemon myrtle and citrus.


Juniper, coriander, angelica root, wattle seed, orris root, chamomile and lemon myrtle.


Matured for six weeks in ex-Hunter Valley fortified wine barrels (European Oak).

Influenced by abstract


Inspired by the beautiful acrylic artworks of local Newcastle artist Prudence DeMarchi and noticing a synergy between her abstract, organic forms and colours and our beautifully delicate Barrel Aged Gins, a natural partnershipp was born.

We commissioned works by Prudence to reflect the unique colours of our gins imparted by Hunter Valley ex-fortified wine barrels.

The result was 5 beautifully unique works (hand framed by her talented husband), from which we designed the label sets for our limited release Barrel Aged Gins. To emphasise the texture and colour of Prudence's works, we decided to keep the artwork at it's original size on the label - it's so close you can see the gentle weave of the canvas.

Visit the Prudence DeMarchi Art website here:


Looking for some gin-spiration?

As perfect as this drop is on the rocks or with your favourite tonic, how could you say no to a classic gin based cocktail imbued with the sophisticated flavours of ex-fortified wine barrels and cask strength gin?



  • 30ml Barrel Aged Portside Gin
  • 30ml Campari
  • 25ml Sweet Vermouth


  1. Stir ingredients over ice for 20 seconds
  2. Pour over fresh ice and spritz with a orange peel

NOTS: This barrel aged gin adopted a subtle sweetness from the fortified barrel, so this beautiful classic needs slightly less sweet vermouth for the perfect blend.


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