Signature Cocktails

With a twist

Having direct access to the spirit production process has given our bar staff a delicious advantage. Our signature cocktail menu features original creations that raise a glass to our next generation spirits.

Springtime Smash

Signora Florence

Coal City Manhattan

Absinthe Frappe

A Russian Nut

Rhu-Barbie Girl

Barrel Aged Blood Orange Negroni

Classic Cocktails

Reviving tradition

At Earp Distilling Co we’re all about celebrating the unique signature of our very talented bar team. With ample creative license, Adam and his team have revived traditional cocktails with creative ingenuity.


Una parte gin, una parte vermouth rosso, e una parte Campari.

Old Fashioned

Predating the motor car and Abe Lincoln, the Old Fashioned is much more than a name.

Espresso Martini

Strong coffee & sweet liqueur crafted with passion, say no more.

Classic Mojito

Summer is on it's way, what better way to prepare.


"The only American invention as perfect as the sonnet" - H.L. Mencken


Dating back to the 1870's, the Whisky Sour is an unusual bouquet of sweet tart flavours. Pisco & Amaretto options too.

The Last Word

Developed by the Detroit Athletic Club during prohibition.

Clover Club

Rich history, rich flavour.

Aperol Spritz

The classic Spritz Veneziano.