500mL Absinthe Minded Bottle

Welcome to our next generation twist on this ever mysterious spirit. Born of the backstreets of bohemia, no other spirit boasts such a flirtation with infamy and intrigue. Don't be perturbed by the reputation of this delightful drop however, as with most great things, the (devilish) delight is in the details. Combined with a traditional body of wormwood, our take on this spirit includes a hibiscus flower infusion imparting a blushing pink hue, producing the perfect colouring for sunset sips or cocktails.

Botanicals: Wormwood, fennel, star anise, cinnamon and lemon

Paying homage to our family businesses background in ceramics, you won't want to keep these signature bottles hidden away in a cabinet. Our handmade ceramic bottles reflect the true beauty of the gin it holds inside - perfect for gifting or adding to a collection of bespoke spirits.

ABV: 60%
500mL handmade glazed ceramic bottle. 
Produced and bottled in Newcastle, Australia.



The traditional Absinthe Ritual (the French Method) requires a cube of sugar to be placed on a flat perforated spoon across the top of an absinthe glass, filled with a measure of absinthe. Iced water is then slowly dripped over the sugar, allowing the sugar to slowly dissolve and drip into the absinthe. This creates the "louche" (loosh) effect, allowing the essential oils trapped in the absinthe to precipitate out of the absinthe into the solution.

A visual and aromatic delight, the traditional Absinthe Ritual is highly recommended as an introduction to absinthe



Respecting the centuries old purest tradition, ultra-modern Slipstream glassware makes the absinthe experience personal and inviting, allowing a more convenient way to experience high quality absinthe.

The Slipstream interprets the French absinthe ritual in an ultra-modern (and somewhat naughty) new way. While the process still enables the louching of essential oils in the absinthe and the release of these oils slowly for the best absinthe experience, the unique design of the glass allows you to blow in the straw once the sugar is dissolved to mix the drink and blend the absinthe evenly throughout.

The Slipstream experience is available at the Earp Distilling Co. bar, or you can order your very own here.




30ml Absinthe Minded + Champagne or sparkling wine


Add 30ml Absinthe Minded into a wine flute or coupe & top with Champagne or sparkling wine

NOTES: Not for the feint-hearted: add some sugar syrup and a maraschino cherry for sweeter consumption.

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