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500mL Summertime Limoncello Bottle

Inspired by long days and hot nights our Summertime Limoncello is here to hit the sweet spot. Using only the freshest local lemons, this preservative free delightful aperitif is the perfect companion no matter the weather.

Botanicals: Fresh local lemons

Paying homage to our family businesses background in ceramics, you won't want to keep these signature bottles hidden away in a cabinet. Our handmade ceramic bottles reflect the true beauty of the gin it holds inside - perfect for gifting or adding to a collection of bespoke spirits.

ABV: 25%
500mL handmade glazed ceramic bottle. 
Produced and bottled in Newcastle, Australia.




40ml Summertime Limoncello

20ml No. 8 Dry Gin

30ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice

Soda water


Shake the limoncello, gin & lemon juice for 15 seconds.

Strain over ice in a tall glass.

Top with soda water (about 100ml).

Garnish with lemon slice.

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