Our Next Generation

Always looking forward

The reason we refer to the fruits of our labour as Next Generation is because we’re all about family. We take great pride in our family history, and our aim is to always hand the business on to the next generation in flourishing condition.

Established in 1883 by George Frederick Earp, for more than 136 years (6 generations) the company has adapted and evolved as purveyors of quality goods in the beautiful portside city of Newcastle. Over the last 35 years our core business has focused on the supply of high quality tiles and stone to Australian home-owners and commercial projects.

Earp Distilling Co. is the next evolution of our family business, allowing us to become makers and creators ourselves. To this day, we are proudly 100% family-owned and operated.

A lot like family

Meet the team

The real heart and soul of Earp Distilling Co.? Our wonderful team. The ethos of our business is built upon generations of family values (literally) and we value the unique and wonderful skills all of our staff bring to the tools and table.

Michael Earp


Meet our head distiller and man at the helm, Michael Earp. Being no stranger to hard work and pursuing projects a little left of field, for Michael, it's all about a passionate pursuit towards creating a world class distillery in Newcastle.

Known for being famously hands on, Michael's ethos of work hard, play hard, is always at the forefront.

Richard Earp


As Joint Managing Director of the family business (Earp Bros - Surface Evolution) alongside his brother Michael for the past few decades, Richard is passionate about all things hard work. He’s no stranger to the world of hospitality (from both sides of the bar) and is a lover of rum, wine, and is slowly warming to whisky. A global traveller and a keen skier of snow, water, grass, and bitumen (it’s a long story), Richard is an outdoorsman with a love of the ocean.  

Andrew Earp


A multi-faceted raconteur, part man / part enigma, although far from a tradie, with his hands or any tool, Andy is definitely handy to have around.

A lover of detail and always the first to ask why in a constant search for utmost efficiency. Thoughtful and enquiring, Andy is always happy to listen.

Skilled in metalwork, special effects and home-brewing (now distilling), paired with the skill of consumption.

Cameron Burns


Having spent the last 13 years in the hospitality industry managing bars, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants Cameron has seen the industry grow and change and brings that wealth of experience into both the bar and the distillery.

A lover of a great drop - be it whisky or wine, Cameron is always happy to toast to any occasion.

Evan Renfrew


As the compliance manager, or more affectionately our Stillman, Evan is our workhorse keeping the home fires burning.

Combining maths, chemistry and alcohol to wonderful effect, Evan is ferociously passionate about distilling, whisky, rum, and friends of the four-legged variety.

Joshua Earp


The head of our marketing division and token 'man about town' Josh has a Master's Degree in 'google everything'. As a representative of the sixth generation of the Earp family business, Josh is always looking for a way to be one step ahead of the next great idea. Certified lover of surf, snow and sustainability (and alliteration), whether birkenstocks or black tie, Josh is our go-to guy.