Curated Cask A0003 is an iconic single barrel release that has been carefully raised to challenge the misconceptions that exist around rum, celebrating high quality Australian demerara while ageing beautifully in a virgin American Oak barrel. 


700mL Curated Cask Rum - AO-0003

Born of a curiosity to explore the maturation of spirits within casks of particular character, Curated Cask offers unique handcrafted spirits showcasing the nuanced expressions of variations in oak, age statement and cask finish to bring you an experience like no other. The Curated Cask collection is presented at cask strength to present the ultimate experience in flavour, curated by us for you. 

This casks exhibits a deep golden colouring, a rum that is rich and inviting with a generous nosing of vanilla, caramelised brulee and candied fruits. An initial sweetness on the palate is followed by a surprising depth of flavour that flows delicately through to it's pleasantly lingering finish. A true showcase of it's virgin American Oak cask, this is a rum to be savoured.

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