700mL Curated Cask Rum - AO-0009


Born of a curiosity to explore the maturation of spirits within casks of particular character, Curated Cask offers unique handcrafted spirits showcasing the nuanced expressions of variations in oak, age statement and cask finish to bring you an experience like no other. The Curated Cask collection is presented at cask strength to present the ultimate experience in flavour, curated by us for you. 

AO-0009 exhibits a sophisticated dark port colour. Begin with a delight to the senses savouring aromas of supple fortified wine, paired with candied fruits and an abundance of citrus. Then make your way to sweet vanilla and sticky toffee. A bold experience awaits the palate as fresh orange and rind introduce juicy notes of vanilla cream. Flavours culminate in bold pairings of creme brulee and juicy citrus. A rum to be sipped and savoured.



Carefully selected from the world's leading bodega's, cooperages, distilleries and wineries, the Curated Cask collection features premium demerara sugar based rum aged to perfection in one of a kind oak casks.

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