700mL Portside Gin


Inspired by the enduring spirit of the intrepid traveller, our navy strength Portside Gin was crafted as a tribute to the ships and crews that brought our family to our harbour-side home. In fact, the Earps have been serving their fellow Australians since 1883! This robust gin carries the tradition of being ‘gunpowder proof’ meaning that powder onboard early naval vessels could still be lit even when soaked in this gin. This is a lovely spirit for those who like strong but flavourful gins and makes a killer gin martini (check out our recipe below).

BOTANICALS: Juniper, coriander, angelica root, wattle seed, orris root, chamomile and lemon myrtle
PROFILE: Native botanical highlights of lemon myrtle, wattle seed and chamomile

ABV: 57%
700mL glass bottle. 
Produced and bottled at Earp Distillery in Newcastle, Australia.




50ml Portside Gin

10ml Dry Vermouth


Stir with ice for 20 seconds.

Strain into a chilled martini glass.

Spritz a lemon peel over the top.

Note: Add up to 20ml olive brine if you like it dirty. Gently shake with ice if the vermouth you're using saw Cathy Freeman win gold in 2000.

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