700mL Summertime Limoncello


Preservative free and with less sugar than a traditional limoncello, this spirit has been made using only the freshest local lemons. Hand peeled in order to best control the flavour profile, these peels are then put through our stainless steel extractors leaving the resulting spirit full of citrus but smooth and sippable. The best part? We’re able to use the peeled lemons to create juice for our cocktail bar and the spent fruit pulps are sent to a local farm for pig feed lowering wastage while delivering a stellar product. A fantastic warm weather spirit, best served neat or in a spritz.

BOTANICALS: Fresh local lemons
PROFILE: Bright, citrusy and slightly sweet

ABV: 25%
700mL glass bottle
Produced and bottled at Earp Distillery in Newcastle, Australia

Why the new look?
Our distillery’s goal has always been to do things in the most sustainable way possible and these new labels are a part of our commitment to that. We’re working toward B-Corp certification which means examining our glass bottle supplier in favour of moving to an all Aussie production chain. In doing so we needed a solution for paper labels and settled on a company operating out of SA who prioritises recycled materials. These new labels are not only beautiful and robust but are made from 30% post consumer recycled material (and we have plans to move to 100% recycled stock in the future!).




40ml Summertime Limoncello

20ml No. 8 Dry Gin

30ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice

Soda water


Shake the limoncello, gin & lemon juice for 15 seconds.

Strain over ice in a tall glass.

Top with soda water (about 100ml).

Garnish with lemon slice.

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