Just Juniper



42% ABV

Only the highest quality junipers are selected to showcase this elegant yet robust gin. An ideal tasting experience for the gin beginner or the perfect blank canvas for the expert mixologist, Just Juniper is at your service. Enjoyed on its own, with a quality tonic or blended in the perfect cocktail, this drop is sure to surface as the core of any great gin focused drink.


Juniper (that's right, just juniper!)

500ml Ceramic Bottle

42% ABV

Paying homage to our family businesses background in ceramics, you won't want to keep these signature bottles hidden away in a cabinet. Our handmade ceramic bottles reflect the true beauty of the gin it holds inside - perfect for gifting or adding to a collection of bespoke spirits.

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700ml Glass Bottle

42% ABV

If you're more concerned with what's on the inside than what's on the outside, this is for you! The glass bottle range was designed so that you can experience our award-winning spirits without the added cost of bespoke ceramic bottles.

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500ml Refill Pack

42% ABV

Refill packs comprise 2 x 250mL refill pouches made from PET (polyethelene terepthalate) which is inert at normal temperatures to ensure the spirit flavour is not affected. Each refill pack is 500mL designed to refill your signature ceramic Earp bottles. They are also perfect for camping, hiking, picnics or any situation where large ceramic/glass bottles are too heavy or could get damaged.

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Effortless elegance

Pure and simple as it may be, our Just Juniper gin makes for the perfect blank canvas whatever your taste for a tipple. After tasting tips and inspiration? Cheers to decadence and delight.



  • 60ml Just Juniper
  • 25ml lime juice
  • 25ml sugar syrup (1 part water to 1 part sugar)


  1. Shake (shake,shake) vigorously for 15 seconds - not too long to avoid over-dilution
  2. Strain into a martini glass
  3. Slice a wedge of lime and sit on the rim

NOTES: A beautifully simple cocktail. Adjust the sugar/lime ratio to make mroe sweet or sour, to your personal liking. Serve on ice if in close proximity to a pool.


Take flight and book a personalised tasting experience with our distillery staff. You’ll sip, sniff, and swirl all of our Next Generation Spirits until you find your perfect match.

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